projects / seemann

The game SEEMANN is the result of a game design course. Indented as mini game it has the potential to bond the player for a long time period.A small set of rules and an abstract level design makes it easily accessible without long introductions.

The player is represented by a sailor standing on the mainland. Fixed at shore the character rotates in direction of the cursor position. By clicking the mouse a stone is thrown into the water to create waves and thereby moves small ships on the lake. The position of the impact is defined randomly in a radial area around the current mouse position. The degree of the diffusion grows equally to the distance between the sailor and the mouse coordinates. The larger the span the more imprecise the shot. With the aid of the occurring ripples the ships have to be moved in the harbour safely. The player can choose between three different types of stones: small, middle and large ones. Each kind of stones creates waves bouncing off the shore. If the waves are too strong or ships hit the shore they will sink or crash.

One round