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The »Known Unknowns« questions our relationship to randomness. It investigates if randomness exists or if it is just a lack of knowledge which makes things appear random to us.

On a daily basis random numbers are essential elements in operations and simulations like Monte Carlo predictions i.e. economics which rely on a large amounts of random numeric sets. For security encryptions true random numbers are needed to encode data.

This first part of the project focuses on the generation of random numbers using two different seeds:
[1] The Random Event Harvester is based on a Geiger counter that notices radioactive particles, producing a bitstream that is afterwards converted in real numbers. It's characteristic of being portable allows collecting random numbers in the environment and store them with associated geographical information.

[2] The Cosmic Ray Detection Chamber is inspired by current approaches to generate true rather than pseudo random numbers: Particle movement is tracked on a quantum physics level. The design is based on a cloud chamber that visualises tracks of cosmic rays that are energetic charged subatomic particles that originate from outer space. These tracks are then used to generate random values.

pleasured to work with

FROM 0 TO 255 – Random number distributions based on more than 90.000 randomly generated values by the RANDOM EVENT HARVESTER.