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The project ISOKIT originated from an information mapping course based on the idea to explore navigation techniques in virtual environments. As the name implies, ISOKIT focuses on the isometric perspective. The research results of existing forms in this field were deflating. Most of the examples do not take advantage of the new possibilities offered by this approach. They focus more on visual upgrading than on introducing explicit new information to the content. Graphs that could have been two dimensional bar charts became good looking, fine textured an exactly shadowed pillars. Spatial references and other important facets suffered from those decisions.

Due to my tribute to this topic on an abstract level, I decided not to work on a specific example but rather to develop an application for investigating different combinations of visual and interaction patterns. Hence the user is able to choose from variable types of forms, colours and filter modes. Mixing them together a wide range of possibilities display methodologies can be surveyed. All information is generated as a noise pattern and can be also controlled by the user. Both the frequency and the general offset range between extremes of the values in the data set.

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