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CALL ME is an interactive installation for the theatre production »Mobil« by Sergi Belbel. It takes the topic of the play - communication over cell phones and it's impact on how people treat each other - to another level of promotion.

Therefore we created four reactive posters which were installed on location using the full size glass windows as screens to Potsdam's inner city. Each poster represented one character in an interactive video loop. Mobile numbers were attached on the windows which passersby were able to call. The character answered the phone and performed a part of his role, leaving the visitor curious for more information.
The fact to talk to a non-human/virtual person on the phone is common those days. Interactions with the buttons of a phone or clear articulated phrases let us control processes in support centers and navigate through application menus. The human voice, which is used as an interface for transmitting information between everyday life systems and us, does not appear to belong to a real person any more. We expect to talk to a virtual system – CALL ME enhanced the idea by adding moving image to it. Four hacked Nokia 3310 mobiles were connected in pairs to two computers. An Arduino micro controller managed incoming calls and routed the audio signals from the played video snippet to the specific phone of the actor.

CALL ME was installed in Potsdam city centre from November 2006 until January 2007 as a joined project between the Interface Design Programme and the Hans Otto Theatre, Potsdam.

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